My experience of child birth

It was a mid spring night. Even though the trees showed off their spring blooms, the weather was still rainy and cold. I could hardly sleep because I was at the end of my third trimester and my active baby kept me awake at nights.

When I went to the bathroom I felt my water break. My husband was driving me to the hospital with my mom in the backseat.

With hours of reading pregnancy and child care and child birth books, articles and also taking classes, I was pretty sure we were ready and knew how to handle it all. When we finally reached the hospital and was admitted, my contractions were very mild.

My Obgyn visited me around 6am and saw my smiling face and remarked” You look too happy to be in the delivery room. We have to induce labor since the water has broken.” I would realize a little later that she was right. 

With labor being induced slowly the contraction and the pain increased as well. I was squeezing my husband’s hand so hard, he later remarked that he thought he would leave the hospital with fractured fingers. We never know what real pain is until child birth. I gave in and asked for epidural at 5cm dilation. 3 hours after the epidural I started feeling the baby’s head. When I told the nurse she replied, it was too quick. I insisted that she check to make sure. As soon as she checked she went to get the doctor.

Thursday at 4.13pm my son was born. He was very pink and rolled his eyes every where while crying. He had an APGAR score of 9. I was a relieved and exhausted woman who had become a mother.

Years later in my life I would realize that a lot of parents are asked to make decisions for their new born baby when they are exhausted, excited, tired, recovering and learning to breastfeed. All the parenting books and articles that we read a lot of times simply do not cover everything parents need to know.

Moments after child birth are reserved for the next post. I will also write a few questions that a parent must ask but I couldn’t. I couldn’t ask because I didn’t acquire the knowledge through all my reading

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