How much do doctors know about vaccines?

We trust our doctors without question sometimes. It is understandable to do that because we assume that it is their job to be aware of everything in the field of medicine. I was someone who trusted doctors with my child. I accepted their suggestions without question. I would like to share something that happened in my first son’s life when he was 6 months old. Years later I discovered some information that has changed my trust in doctors. I still want to give them the benefit of the doubt because they are humans to like us and have the same 24hours in a day and too many things to do in their busy stressful lives as well.
Now to what happened when my son was 6 months old. We had planned to visit India so that the grandparents would see the baby. We had the tickets booked for us to visit in a month. The plan was that I would travel with the infant first and my husband would join me a month later.

Our regular pediatrician advised that we visit a travel clinic before we leave for the trip for travel advisory. As a mother I was excited to see my son making attempts to crawl at 6 months of age. We. visited the travel clinic and the doctor gave my son a flu shot and also the MMR. We as parents were told that it was better to give the shot than risk the disease overseas. Since we were naive new parents we didn’t know what questions to ask, and we approved the Flu and MMR shot. 3 weeks later when we were in India my son’s crawling attempts slowly turned into frog hops. Also 10 days after the MMR while I was traveling in the plane, my infant son’s whole body exploded with severe eczema rashes. I never made the connection of these two events with the MMR shot at the time.

Almost 6 years later while researching about vaccine injury, I learnt that every vaccine comes with a vaccine insert. Since I had read about many parents reporting visible change in their child’s behavior few weeks after the MMR, I was very curious to read the vaccine insert for the MMR.

I was shocked at what I read. The vaccine insert very clearly said MMR has not been tested on infants under 12 months of age. Do not give for infants under 12 months of age.

This prompted me to request medical records from the travel clinic. Because neither me or my husband remembered the doctor discussing this vaccine risk with us. When I got the copy of the medical records, I was even more shocked and angry. The records said in doctor notes the following words ” Discussed vaccine risks and benefits with the parents”

It was a moment of helplessness and disappointment for both of us. We were hoodwinked by the doctor even without the doctor’s knowledge.

Dear parents please be aware that your doctor does not know everything. Also be aware that the source of information for the doctors is not per reviewed scientific journals, it is the CDC. If you think that the CDC is using all the good research out there for their decisions about vaccines that go into our children’s body, you are wrong again. Please do your research before you consent to having your child vaccinated. If you have researched and are convinced to vaccinate you own the decision.

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