A few questions about antibiotics for children

I was contemplating on a lot of things as I was recovering from a bad bout of cold last week. Being a family that uses homeopathy and natural medicine during illness and also on a regular basis, I could not help but go back to the past when we were more towards allopathy for health care.


When we were using pharmaceutical drugs both prescription and over the counter, the most common for kids would be Tylenol and Advil for fevers , Benadryl and Claritin for allergies and Amoxicillin as an antibiotic for ear infections as prescribed by the doctor. Thankfully my second child did not go through this. He has never had to have antibiotics because he never got any ear infections. He would get fever from anything that is going around, but I didn’t have to give Tylenol or advil because I became more aware of how the body worked during illness.

A cycle of illness goes on like this:

  1. Child catches the bug when at school or when they are out and about in public places.
  2. Symptoms start showing 2-4 days later. Usually starts with a runny nose and then comes the fever. At this point we still do not know if the infection is viral or bacterial.
  3. Parents give the kid Tylenol or advil to bring the fever down. Fever is the normal response for human body when it is fighting a virus or bacteria. The best way I have learned from experience is to keep the children hydrated instead of suppressing the fever with acetaminophen or ibuprofen. A fever breaks out with sweat once the body has finished its job. Sweating is the body’s way of cooling down and also happens a lot during summer as well.
  4. When you suppress a fever you are inhibiting your body from doing its job. When the immune response is incomplete, the virus or bacteria has not completely left the system. When it lingers it can easily turn into ear infection.
  5. This is where the antibiotics are prescribed by the doctor. Usually it is given for 10 days.

So far the only thing we seem to know is that the body is infected and the immune system is working to get the infection out. At this point where we give antibiotics we still do not know if the infection was viral or bacterial and yet we are prescribed antibiotics which are clearly for bacterial infections. Only if we do a blood or salivary sample, we will know if it is viral or bacterial.

Why do we then accept or request the antibiotic prescription?

Shouldn’t we know for sure that the ear infection is bacterial before we give it to the children?

How effective is the antibiotic with a viral ear infection?

Do viruses cause ear infection?

Are all ear infections only bacterial?

How effective is the oral antibiotic in reaching the infected ear area?

For my family things changed after we went the homeopathy route. It was not an easy transition. It was hard to let go of what you think you know to learn new things with an open mind. We have used a mixture of equal parts of Hydrogen peroxide, Isopropyl alcohol and distilled white vinegar few drops in each ear for every 2-4 hrs in case of an ear infection. My kids stopped having ear infections after we stopped the vaccines (vaccine injury is a long cumulative process about which I might write multiple posts as time permits because it is also a personal one that happened to my child) and we haven’t had any antibiotics for more than 2 years and are doing extremely well without it.

Update: One of my friends asked me this question after reading this post – What to do if fever goes more than 102F for the kids?

Last week both my kids were sick and fever was 103.5 for the eldest and 103.9 for my youngest. Upon advice of my kid’s homeopath/ND I gave them Belladonna 30c until the fever became more manageable. I still gave them plenty of fluids and kept them hydrated. The doctor also gave the youngest an additional remedy based on his current acute constituency. Both have recovered well now although my little one seems to be slow on getting back to his normal self.

If your child has fever more than 102F and you don’t want to use Tylenol or Advil, please find a local ND or homeopath who can guide you to help your child recover.

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