Identifying vaccine injury after years

I had fully vaccinated my elder son without being aware of the vaccine injury symptoms that were being presented after each vaccine. I actually realized his vaccine injury only after the final booster shots of MMR and DTaP that are given before kindergarten. 15 minutes after the shot, when we reached home, my son just curled up into a bundle and fell asleep in my mother in law’s lap with nothing to speak or look at. My eyes opened that day.


When we decided that we must recover our child from this and started searching for answers, we found homeopathy. The first thing my homeopath wanted was history from pregnancy, birth and all the way till the current age of the child including a detailed immunization history. He was 5 and 1/2 years old at the time. My younger one was 1 1/2 years old.

Writing this history was not easy. It was a process that took me a week. If any parent has to write such history for their child, here are some useful tips.pexels-photo-208544.jpeg

Warning: You will be surprised at what you find. I was surprised to discover that some tics that my son had when he was 3 1/2 started after the flu shot he was given that year. The ophthalmologist had no idea or explanation for this at the time.

Here are the tips :


  • Begin by dividing the timeline into parts. Breaking down to chunks of 4-6 months is good.
  • Start the timeline backwards. If your child is 6 years when you are writing, first write the timeline for 6-5.5 years. This will be quicker because your memory will be fresh with the recent details. Below is a sample table of timeline.Timeline sample
  • To record and identify changes after the vaccines, you can refer to Recognizing vaccine symptoms in this link . I had to do my child’s without this because I did not know about the website at the time.
  • Look through all the photos and videos of your child from birth. This is helpful to identify the loss of eye contact, loss of speech, eczema/ rashes, any odd changes in the face and also to just jog your memory of some things that you might have missed.
  • Do not forget to include the ear infections, allergies, asthma data in the timeline.

Hope this helps you and your child find answers you are looking for.


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