Vegans, vegetarians and vaccines

In the Indian way of spirituality, there is lot of importance attached to a sharp intellect. Intelligence and intellect are different. Intellect is referred to as having mastery over your mind.

Our body is divided into five koshas according to Vedic literature and all gurus who guide fellow humans inward. The five koshas or layers/sheaths are

  • Annamaya Kosha
  • Pranamaya Kosha
  • Manonmaya Kosha
  • Vignanamaya Kosha
  • Gnyanamaya Kosha

Each sheath needs to be maintained well for a human being to function properly.

One of the key changes anyone who has to make spiritual progress according to Vedic literature is to modify food habits. It is suggested that being vegetarian or vegan is better for the body(annamaya kosha). The simple reason why is explained in the video below.

Below video is a more important one about the information stored in each cell of every being.


What we eat is processed by the digestive system into something absorbable by the rest of the body to use as energy. The digestive system has tight junctions that don’t let any macro particles into the blood stream. (You can read and research about the digestive system if you want. I think everyone must learn about the gut, micribiome and foods.)

The vaccines on the other hand contain ingredients that we can look at in detail to see if they belong in the bloodstream.

  • Viral or bacterial antigen
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Monosodium glutamate
  • Aluminium salts ( Aluminum phosphate, aluminum hydroxide,)
  • Human diploid cells
  • Formaldehyde
  • Food dyes/coloring ( FD &C YELLOW 6 aluminium lake dye)
  • VERO cells
  • Calf serum
  • Antibiotics
  • Thimerosal
  • And many more, which is available in the CDC website.

Did we even bother to check how these things are integrated into the human body individually and in the combinations?

Would it be nice to have a drink made out of the vaccine ingredients?

Would you drink it orally and let it enter your digestive system which is designed to process what we eat?

Why are we then not asking the questions about these ingredients when they are directly injected into our blood stream bypassing the digestive system?

Aside from vaccine injury, we recently had an experience with fish oil in my family that I will update/write about in a separate blog post when I have more observations. But one thing is that each human body is individually unique. We all don’t need the same thing even nutrition wise (let alone a ‘one size fits all’ chemical and biologic cocktail called vaccines) and we absorb them differently as well.

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