Celebrate all children and parents

April is autism awareness month. This is the time of the year when you see all the wonderful things some children who are on the autism spectrum have accomplished.

It is very great and touching but I want to say this as a mother of child diagnosed with autism.

  • Let us also celebrate the friends our children have who are not on the autism spectrum as well. All children are special not just the special needs ones.
  • Let us celebrate and acknowledge all the parents and family. All parents are special too. I look at a parent of a neurotypical child with the same respect as I look at the parent of a child with autism spectrum. If they were in my shoes, I bet they would have done the same for their child.
  • Let us celebrate and acknowledge that all treatments/therapies are essential, not just the main stream ones. My son would not have progressed without homeopathy and natural remedies. It is time to acknowledge their role in helping children and families as well.
  • Let us celebrate and acknowledge the therapists. They have worked with our children for many years and helped them get where they are.
  • Let us celebrate and acknowledge the teachers that have supported our children in the classroom.
  • Let us all celebrate the milestones our children have met. It may be something as small as trying to get attention from friends by being silly ( I celebrated inside when my teacher told me about this and couldn’t stop smiling when I came back from the meeting) or the 12 year old who can finally use the restroom independently.

While we celebrate the wonderful things, I also want to request that we don’t glorify autism. When we glorify autism which is a neurological disorder we stop ourselves with just accepting it. We fail to look at the true cause of the problem. This is a dangerous direction for humanity. Our children are the future of this planet. A lot of parents don’t know how to take care of themselves when they grow old because there is a special needs child who will soon be a special needs adult. It is the reality of many families I know.

This is why I redirect many parents I know to a lot of natural therapies and diet changes and research into vaccine injury. I imagine a society where there may be equal number of special needs youth and older parents who will be needing care both at the same time and the generation in the middle is crushed serving both of them if we as a society don’t look at this issue with all seriousness.

I want to thank the homeopaths at Homeopathy Center of Houston for helping my child the past 2.5 years. We couldn’t have gotten where we are without you. I am so glad we decided to try.

A few resources I would like to share for Autism Awareness month are

  1. Autism Research Institute. To keep track of your child’s progress or reversals with all the therapies and treatments you are trying for their stabilization. https://www.autism.com/
  2. Thinking Moms Revolution http://thinkingmomsrevolution.com/
  3. Vaccine Papers. For all the research that has been done about vaccines and autism which will contradict what you hear being yelled at you in the news media http://vaccinepapers.org/
  4. National Vaccine Information Center. To stay up to date on your vaccine rights and bills locally and nationally https://www.nvic.org/

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