Today I am picking on an individual vaccine ingredient. It is called ‘FORMALDEHYDE’. I am sure the structure of formaldehyde aka formic acid will bring memories of ‘Organic Chemistry’ to many.


Formaldehyde MSDS:

This is the information about formaldehyde in the EPA website about its uses and exposures etc (
What is formaldehyde doing in vaccines? Is it really present in vaccines?

Below are screenshots where I highlighted formaldehyde in the vaccine expecient list.

Expicient f highlighted 1

Expicient f highlighted 2

Expicient f highlighted 3

Formaldehyde is used as a preservative for the cell cultures and biologics in the vaccine. It serves the same purpose in the vaccine as it does when it is used a embalming fluid on dead people.

People care conscious of buying products without formaldehyde for daily use. There are dish soaps that advertise themselves to be free of the substance. Yet it is present in vaccines that enter the blood stream when we know it is carcinogenic to humans when exposed through air. If the vaccine makers require their employees to be wearing protective suits to make this chemical cocktail in order to avoid exposure on skin, nasal and lung area, how is it considered safe to have it in our blood stream. Our body may make formaldehyde naturally but it is not the same thing in the vaccines.

  • Would you be interested in a drink which has formaldehyde and you are given the excuse that your body naturally makes formaldehyde so it is fine to have it in a drink?
  • There is a rise in pediatric cancer the past few years. Would you say that there is no connection between that and having formaldehyde, a known carcinogen in several vaccines?

Hope this post makes you question things around you.

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