If you choose to get a vaccine for CoV2/ COVID 19

Photo by CDC on Pexels.com

We are not living in simple times where simple decision making can solve our problems. These are also times when we are looking for solutions outside of our selves. Being in lockdown and loosing our freedom can be a suffocation for many. I know many of my family and friends feel this way. My family is not exempt from this feeling either.

Many of us believe that ” Once there is a vaccine for this, I am going to take it and reclaim my freedom back”. This is a situation of duality where we have lost perspective on health. We seem to think that health and protection is provided by something outside of us i.e Vaccines, but the real everyday champion is our immune system within us. We have to choose to give our immune system what it needs to do the job, that is all. It will guarantee you survive. It exists solely for protecting you.

There are many viruses and bacteria that we don’t have vaccines for. We don’t choose to be afraid of them. Why is that? Do we believe that our immune system which is within us can handle them? So why do we not believe in our immune system for the SARS-CoV2?

So you want to take the vaccine and get back to as normal as possible again. Here are a few pointers on what you need to get information about before being injected with a vaccine.

  • Collect information about the Lot number and batch number. I will explain a few lines below why.
  • Ask for the vaccine insert – A vaccine insert is not a 2 page colorful page provided by the CDC. It will be 40 pages long in fine print. The vaccine insert will have the ingredients listed and also side effects and adverse effects of the vaccine during the study. This information has 2 fold use. First you will know what side effects to expect and second to file a report in the VAERS database if there is a reaction.
  • Learn about VAERS – Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Before you go to the vaccine court for the harm this liability free product caused you, you need to file a report with VAERS.
  • Learn about classification of Vaccines – Vaccines are classified as biologics. This classification takes away the opportunity of double blind placebo controlled trials which is the gold standard for pharmaceutical drug trials. A lot of vaccine trials use another vaccine as placebo.

Now for the Lot and batch number – The VAERS database will ask you for this if you choose to file an adverse event. Personally, I see the likelihood of drastic rise in the VAERS reporting especially since adults will be receiving the vaccine as well. Since being founded 1986, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out $4 billion out of our tax dollars to those injured by vaccines. That number is going to shoot up drastically as well. And not to mention that our tax dollars are used to make the vaccines available to us since the government purchases and distributes the vaccines through the CDC.

One ingredient we know that the vaccine will contain for sure is the aborted fetal tissue along the lines of many vaccines.

I will update more information on this post as I learn more

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