Which lives matter?

Ray of sunshine represents hope. I love sunrises and took this in Cancun which is the last place I visited before the lock down.

Protest – When your rights are in trouble you stand up for yourself without threatening or infringing the rights of others.

Riot – When your rights are in trouble, you go and make others feel the same by threatening their rights.

There is a great difference between how Martin Luther King led the civil rights movement and what is happening now.

Whether you choose ‘ Black lives matter’ or ‘ All lives matter’ , you need to stop and think if you are protesting or rioting.

Rioting doesn’t make anyone a strong person. Rioting only causes change of authority for people around you and gives you more control. This is not something that will bring real change and raise the vibration of the community around you. This brings more fear and also lowers the vibration of the community.

All lives matter is threatening to many because they are afraid that they have to be inclusive of everyone no matter the differences perceived. So it is easy to hide behind your own ethnicity rather than include everyone. If you are choosing to support a cause because of your ethnicity, please bear in mind that you are choosing to be exclusive rather than all inclusive while what you really long for is the inclusiveness.

Why do we need an act of violence to move us?

Will there be same amount of protests(not riots. I don’t support them) if the roles were reversed?

Why is it only injustice when it happens to a person of color?

As an Indian, I know what many hundred years of being submissive to the British has done to the psyche. We got them out of our country through courage not through rage. We stood up as one, not differentiating as Tamilian, Kannadiga, Gujarathi, Punjabi, Keralite, Kashmiri, Bengali. We were one unifying force with the perspective that everyone of us mattered. Change will only happen when there is courage which comes from the spirit and not rage which comes from identity created by our mind.

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