Response to WA Post article about Vaccines

Recently a friend of mine shared an article written on Washington Post  a while ago about vaccines. This seems to be one of the popular articles that seems to be making rounds in the social media as well even though it is pretty old. As I read through the article, I realized that all the information presented in the article lacked in depth research. I am adding the information that everyone needs to know for each of the questions in the article above. These are my answers to the same questions in the article.

  • Why do kids have to get so many shots at once?

The response fails to inform the readers about the ingredients present in the vaccines but instead only talks about the benefits of the CDC designed vaccine schedule. The ingredients are listed in the CDC website and it is not just the virus or bacteria. Read the list of ingredients present in each vaccine here( ).

  • Isn’t getting all these shots hard on the immune system of such young children?

Again a misleading response which builds on the first. The response misleads the readers to think that only the virus or     bacteria is present in the vaccines. This is not true. Still no mention of mercury, aluminum, MSG and several questionable ingredients. We don’t expose infants and children to the harmful substances present in the vaccines around our house.

The doctor equates the bacteria present in the birth canal with all the harmful bacteria and viruses that are disease causing and are present in vaccines for so called protection. Do you think we have measles, mumps or pertussis causing bacteria/viruses in our birth canal? Human babies have been born through the birth canal ever since humans came into existence. If the bacteria in the birth canal were so harmful, we wouldn’t exist as a species here. What the babies get from the birth canal is just the bacteria and that too good ones which are essential for setting up of good gut flora which is then nourished by breastmilk. Breastmilk contains oligosaccharides which are food to the bacteria in the gut.

Some articles for reading about breastmilk. There are several scientific papers written about it as well.

For a newborn, the best immune protection is through the breastmilk. The links below contain detailed information about how the antibodies are formed.

  • It seems as if children are getting more vaccines than before. Doesn’t that overwhelm their immune system?

The author has hardly taken time to read peer reviewed journals which are in hundreds that say that science has failed vaccines. The packed schedule is definitely not as a result of better scientific understanding. Vaccine manufacturer safety studies use another vaccine or older vaccine or everything in the vaccine but the antigen as a placebo. It is never a true placebo. There are websites like which contain a collection of research related to vaccines done by independent researchers who do not have any affiliation with the CDC or any pharmaceutical companies and is available for everyone to read.

Lesser antigen and more toxic adjuvants are used, because lesser antigen means little or no immune response.

  • Doesn’t it hurt the kids to get so many shots at once?

This question had a very shallow response that was trying to distract the readers from the issue. It does not discuss anything about the toxin overload to the newborn immune system. Is the number of shots a child takes during a visit to the doctor’s office more important to discuss than the amount of toxins that are going to overload an infant’s immune system?

I wish the author and the doctor had taken time to read about all the research pertaining to the blood brain barrier in infants and how aluminium adjuvants and other toxins impact the brain.

  • Some parents say they would prefer to space out their children’s shots. Why is that bad?

Author puts fear in the minds of the readers about parents who space out or refuse the vaccines by saying it is a community issue. There is something called salivary backwash which happens when an infant nurses with his/her mother. The neurons in the breast scan the saliva for any infection and produces the required antibodies. Mothers must be encouraged and taught well to nurse their children.

This article explains it well.

  • How do we know that the recommended schedule is the best schedule?

If the guidelines are developed by people whose donors are vaccine companies then it is a conflict of interest no matter how minor. CDC(ACIP) OR AAP take a lot of dollars from Merck, GS, Sanofi Pasteur on a regular basis.

This is the donor list for the CDC foundation. How is it possible to assume that there will be no conflict of interest when the pharmaceutical companies are on the donor list? The ACIP is under the CDC, it cannot be assumed to be without conflict of interest as their website claims to. This is the donor list of AAP All websites claim that they make sure there is no conflict of interest, but is it truly possible? I am not stating that everyone intends to do wrong things, but human nature in general is that we want to promote what we think is right and tend to ignore contradictory ideas and opinions.

  • Why do so many people think vaccines are dangerous?

The assumption is that all doubts expressed are due to a single study 20 years ago. Any intelligent person researching the issue will surely not be reading a 20 year old study for 2 years and reach the conclusion. Many readers won’t realize that there are hundreds of studies that concerned parents have read and researched for years. A great collection of the vaccine research is available at .

I had to write this because the article asked some good questions but did not bother to give well researched answers.

I sometimes feel that the onus is on parents all the time to read, research and decide for their children. Even reading such articles published in the main stream news won’t give them the answers they need. If I had not placed too much trust on this world and media and government and had done my own research during my first pregnancy, I could have prevented my child’s vaccine injury. Parents need to read and research more for their children.


VAERS Database

The VAERS database is the place where any vaccine injury is reported. It is natural for everyone to assume that the numbers in the VAERS system is an accurate representation of vaccine injury cases. But this is not true. It is an under reported system. Doctors do not report most of the cases to VAERS at all. Does this mean that there aren’t significant cases worth reporting?

I see a few reasons why the vaccine injuries are not reported

1. The information sheet that parents get at the doctors office does not provide adequate information.

2. The doctors are not given any incentive to report in VAERS.

3. Lot of parents do not make the connection with vaccines.

So how can the VAERS database be made from under reported to adequately reported?

One thing I feel can help is to give the parents a fact sheet about VAERS as well which will create awareness among the parents. The parents should also be provided the lot and batch number of the vaccines their child received.

The CDC should also update the Vaccine Information Sheet to reflect the time until which parents need to look for vaccine reactions. Parents assume that it is only one or two days, wheras an adverse reaction that is gradual would even manifest a month later OR provide the vaccine inserts to parents one week before the well baby check up. Let the parents read, look at family history, ask the doctor any questions they have and then make the decision.

Parents please share how the VAERS can be improved.


My experience of child birth

It was a mid spring night. Even though the trees showed off their spring blooms, the weather was still rainy and cold. I could hardly sleep because I was at the end of my third trimester and my active baby kept me awake at nights.

When I went to the bathroom I felt my water break. My husband was driving me to the hospital with my mom in the backseat.

With hours of reading pregnancy and child care and child birth books, articles and also taking classes, I was pretty sure we were ready and knew how to handle it all. When we finally reached the hospital and was admitted, my contractions were very mild.

My Obgyn visited me around 6am and saw my smiling face and remarked” You look too happy to be in the delivery room. We have to induce labor since the water has broken.” I would realize a little later that she was right.

With labor being induced slowly the contraction and the pain increased as well. I was squeezing my husband’s hand so hard, he later remarked that he thought he would leave the hospital with fractured fingers. We never know what real pain is until child birth. I gave in and asked for epidural at 5cm dilation. 3 hours after the epidural I started feeling the baby’s head. When I told the nurse she replied, it was too quick. I insisted that she check to make sure. As soon as she checked she went to get the doctor.

Thursday at 4.13pm my son was born. He was very pink and rolled his eyes every where while crying. He had an APGAR score of 9. I was a relieved and exhausted woman who had become a mother.

Years later in my life I would realize that a lot of parents are asked to make decisions for their new born baby when they are exhausted, excited, tired, recovering and learning to breastfeed. All the parenting books and articles that we read a lot of times simply do not cover everything parents need to know.

Moments after child birth are reserved for the next post. I will also write a few questions that a parent must ask but I couldn’t. I couldn’t ask because I didn’t acquire the knowledge through all my reading